About Us

About this blog

I’m maintaining this site to help new and experienced BlackBerry developers alike. There are other places to get most of the information I’ll post here (like RIM’s BlackBerry Developer Zone), but I’m hoping I can clarify and explain it in a way that’s more helpful for a lot of developers.

What you’ll find here

  • Tutorials about doing specific things with BlackBerry development
  • Code samples and some complete components (released as open source)
  • Opinions about how things should be done, and what new developments from RIM mean

What you won’t find here

  • Code that I’ve used on any commercial products – everything here I’ve written from scratch specifically for this site
  • Technical details, confidential algorithms or IP, or in some cases even names of clients I’ve worked with

About me

I’ve been working with BlackBerry handhelds since the old days (2001) of the 95x and 85x models – yes the Mobitex and DataTac based non-cell phone devices that only supported develoment in C/C++, not Java.  Though I haven’t been an exclusive BlackBerry developer since then (in fact, at least half my development time has been spent with .NET), I have over the years been involved with BlackBerry related companies and projects at all levels, from independent contractor, to software developer, team lead, product manager, and even VP of a leading BlackBerry ISV (Rove).